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Frank Thomas - Just Hit it - Our Equipment and Our Game

Frank Thomas - Just Hit it - Our Equipment and Our Game

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Frank Thomas - Just Hit it - Our Equipment and Our Game

  • Twenty-six year USGA Technical Director’s book shares his views on equipment, marketing and returning the game to its core values
  • 173 Pages long

Frank Thomas, the world’s leading expert on golf equipment, will publish a book entitled, “Just Hit It,” a ground-breaking book that shares Thomas’ expert opinions on equipment, the effect of marketing on the game and returning golf to its core values.

The book, released at the end of February, is a collection of Frank’s trademark candid sharing of his extensive knowledge gained through 26 years as USGA Technical Director, in addition to his time as design engineer at Shakespeare Sporting Goods, where he invented the graphite shaft.

“Reading this book is like engaging [Frank] in a discussion, with the words, ideas and passion flowing freely,” said 18-time major championship-winner Jack Nicklaus. “There are few people I know more knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the game of golf, and very few more passionate about the need for integrity and vision in all aspects of the game.”

Practical, philosophical, and historical all at once, “Just Hit It” is a unique contribution to the literature of golf. In “Just Hit It,” Thomas separates the blather of advertising claims from the nuggets of truth in clear, concise language.

He explains how golf equipment works, describing which features matter and which ones don’t, providing the most thoughtful overview of the subject ever written. He debunks common misperceptions and demonstrates that what’s newest and latest may not be any better than what you already own.

“I have known Frank from the time he was involved with inventing the graphite shaft,” said world-renowned teacher David Leadbetter. “Frank has always had great foresight in looking at the development of the game, and a keen understanding of what’s important and what isn’t. His integrity is unquestioned, and when he gives his views on how to grow or save the future of golf, we’d all be wise to listen. “Just Hit It!” is both a useful equipment guide and a wake-up call for the game we love.”

In addition to equipment, “Just Hit It” also examines the marketing culture that threatens to separate the game from its core values. Thomas understands the golfer’s desire to find the magic club that will change his game and wipe away his flaws, but he also recognizes the way this belief in magic can be exploited by others for profit.

Further, he explores how this selling climate eats away at the fundamental reasons we play the game, whether we realize it or not: the desire to test ourselves against an objective standard while overcoming the obstacles set in our path. He describes how the rules of the game can best serve our purpose, and proposes steps that can be taken by golfers, course designers, developers, and governing bodies to reconnect the game with what it ought to be.

And few people in the game of golf today are better qualified than Thomas to speak on these subjects. Not only did he invent the graphite shaft more than 40 years ago – a piece of technology found in the bag of nearly every golfer today – as Technical Director of the United States Golf Association, he issued thousands upon thousands of rulings on equipment, literally writing the rules that govern the implements of the game.

“When I first met Frank, I was amazed by how much knowledge he had of equipment, golf and the history of golf,” Nick Price said. “Whenever I have a question about equipment, I pick up the phone and ask Frank. He’s been invaluable to me.”


I started reading your book immediately and could not put it down. I read it cover to cover in one sitting. Finally a book that does not assume that every reader is a scratch golfer and addresses the needs of the high handicappers, that is the needs of most of us. Congratulations and best wishes.--George

On page 117, Frank Thomas states, "Standard clubs will do fine until you shoot consistently in the mid to low 70s." "Until then, work on improving you instead of your clubs."

Finally, someone with substantial technical knowledge of the evolution of equipment and the history of golf has finally come out and said it. The job of manufacturers is to market and sell their products, but it matters very little to the vast majority of golfers which type of equipment they use. "In forty years, there are only three innovations that mean anything significant to your game: perimeter weighting, the graphite shaft and titanium drivers", page 70. Unlike most technical books on equipment, this is written in layman's language with numerous wisecracks
to spice up his points of view. Unless most players want to keep pouring their hard earned money down a black hole, this book is a must read for both the average and avid golfer.-- Frank

I really enjoyed your book. It was a good overview of equipment, how we arrived at some of the current issues in golf, and how to make the game better without being too technical or dogmatic. --Paul

Just completed reading your book, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had some hesitation in buying as I thought it would be more technical and I would not understand all the tech jargon. I was pleasantly surprised by the book and think you put just the right amount of tech info in the book so that I understood exactly what you meant.--Dennis

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Frank Thomas - Just Hit it - Our Equipment and Our Game Frank Thomas - Just Hit it - Our Equipment and Our Game

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