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100% Pure Stroke

100% Pure Stroke

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100% Pure Stroke

Developed as improvement to the original “teacher clips” the 100% Pure Stroke will detect whether or not you are consistently striking the sweet spot. The striking area is slightly enlarged which makes this product more user friendly, whereas angled planes that protrude into the striking area make the product sensitive to putts where the putter face is not square when the ball is struck. The other main difference between the 100% Pure Stroke and the teacher clips is that the angled planes accommodate an arc style stroke whereas the teacher clips are more designed for a straight back and through stroke.
If you're looking for a user friendly, precision made product to improve center of percussion contact 100% Pure Stroke is the best choice. Includes instructions, 2-way tape, plastic 'caddie' for storing when not in use and small plastic carry case.

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100% Pure Stroke

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