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Splash Board

Splash Board

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Splash Board

Indestructible Lexan board with printed graphics is used as an underground backstop to make getting out of the bunker easy.  Start by placing the Splash Board at the surface of the bunker with the ball placed on top of a handful of sand at the center of the board.  Open the clubface and splash the ball out.
When using the Splash Board the sand wedge will slip easily under the ball and teach you how to use the flange on the bottom of a wedge to your advantage.  Balls will launch out of the sand with plenty of spin to hold them on the green. You’ll learn how easy the bunker shot really is!
After bouncing the club off the board a number of times, bury the Splash Board inch by inch into the sand until you no longer know if it’s helping you or not.
Comes with supplemental instructions from Dr. Wiren on how to play difficult shots.

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Splash Board

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